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The Differences Between Motorcycle Accident Injuries and Car Accident Injuries

How Do Typical Injuries Differ?

The Differences Between Motorcycle Accident Injuries and Car Accident InjuriesThere are tradeoffs with taking a motorcycle on the open road. There’s a sense of freedom that you’ll never get behind the wheel of a car, and there’s nothing like the feel of the wind in your face. But it comes with a potential cost, as there’s little to protect you if you get in an accident.

The Nature of the Injuries Suffered in a Motorcycle Accident

Over the past quarter of a century, extensive research and development has made automobile travel much safer. In addition to seatbelts and airbags, many automobiles now offer electronic stability control, anti-lock brakes, backup and side-view cameras, and even collision warning systems. Most of those features are simply not available on a motorcycle.

The bottom line is that most injuries suffered in auto accidents result from impact with the interior of the car or from the effects of whiplash. Most injuries suffered by bikers come from impact with the roadway or another vehicle.

Because of the lack of protection on a motorcycle, the injuries sustained in a motorcycle wreck tend to be far more serious. Bikers are more likely to suffer traumatic brain injury (TBI) than occupants of an automobile or truck. Road rash is a common consequence of a motorcycle accident, but virtually unheard of in an auto accident. Additionally, broken bones are far more common in motorcycle accidents.

The evidence suggests that, while a helmet will not provide absolute protection against a head injury, it can reduce the likelihood of a TBI. A study reported by the National Institute of Health found that, for unhelmeted motorcyclists under the age of 40, the most common injury is a TBI, accounting for almost 30% of all injuries. When bikers of that same age wore a helmet, the incidence of TBI was reduced to 20%, whereas the likelihood of lower extremity injury was 34%.

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