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Cherry Hill DUI Lawyer

If you were recently arrested or charged with driving under the influence, you will want an attorney on your side who has experience investigating drunk driving cases and defending the rights of those accused of DUI.

Drunk driving charges can come with serious consequences, including driver’s license suspension, expensive fines, high insurance premiums and jail time. If there was an accident, you may also end up being sued. Whether you made a mistake, or are being falsely accused of driving under the influence, the Law Offices of David J. Karbasian, PC, can handle your case. Contact our firm online to schedule a free consultation.

Cherry Hill Attorney Examines All Evidence In A DUI Case

After being arrested for drunk driving, it is only natural to have questions about what will happen next. While the arresting officer may make it seem like it is an open and shut case against you, the truth is you are merely facing charges. You have not been found guilty of anything yet. This is the time when you want an attorney on your side who will stand up against the prosecution.

At our firm, we know just how important the facts of a case are. Did the police officer have probable cause to pull you over? Were proper procedures followed during the traffic stop? Was the officer certified to administer the breath alcohol test? If you are being accused of drunk driving, lawyer David Karbasian will examine all of the evidence against you.

Some cases end up needing to go to trial. While in others, a plea bargain may be reached. At the Law Offices of David J. Karbasian, our goal is always to find the solution that makes the most sense for our clients and their needs.

Recently Arrested For DUI? Contact Our Camden County Firm

If you are facing drunk driving charges, call our law firm at 856-667-4666 / 856-600-HURT or toll free at 856-667-4666. We offer free consultations with evening and weekend appointments available. If you are unable to drive, our attorney makes off-site visits.

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