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Tips for Summer Motorcycle Safety

Minimize Your Risk of Injury on the Road This Summer

Tips for Summer Motorcycle SafetySummer’s finally here!! The best time of the year (at least in New Jersey) to get out on the open road on your bike. Of course, that means more motorcycles on the roads and typically leads to more than twice as many accidents on any given day. Many crashes are caused by the failure of other motorists to pay attention to the road, but there are other factors as well that make summer more dangerous on a bike. Let’s look at some of the ways you can reduce the risk of injury while riding your motorcycle this summer.

Wear Bright Gear and Cover Up

We understand—there’s nothing like cruising down the highway on a warm summer day with your tee-shirt sleeves flapping in the wind. You may even think that you’ll be cooler (temperature-wise) than if you’re fully clothed. The warm breeze, though, will rapidly wick moisture from your arms (and legs), providing little cooling effect. In fact, two undesirable consequences can come from exposed arms and legs—a greater risk of sunburn, and a greater likelihood that you’ll become dehydrated. You’re better off wearing mesh riding gear with synthetic garments underneath. Furthermore, if you’re involved in any type of crash, your gear can help minimize your injuries.

Drink Plenty of Water

The combination of heat and the wind against your body can quickly cause you to lose bodily fluids. Often, you can become dangerously dehydrated before your body starts to tell you. As a basic rule, you should drink water or clear liquids only, and you should always drink more than you think you need. Instead of stopping periodically to consume large amounts of water, it’s much better if you carry a CamelBak° or similar water bladder on your back, allowing you to regularly take smaller sips and stay consistently hydrated.

Wake Up and Ride

There are a number of good reasons for starting your ride earlier in the day (and ending sooner). The temperatures are almost always cooler in the morning than in the afternoon. You’ll generally feel more rested and alert in the morning as well. Furthermore, because severe weather more often arises in the afternoon or evening, you won’t have to contend with rain or thunderstorms.

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