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The Potentially Responsible Parties in a Motorcycle Accident

How Do You Know If You Can Sue Someone for Your Losses?

The Potentially Responsible Parties in a Motorcycle AccidentWhen you think about motor vehicle accidents, there’s a tendency to assume that there must be two drivers involved, that you have to show that another motorist caused a collision that led to your injuries. That’s not necessarily the case. Let’s take a closer look at how liability is determined in any motor vehicle accident, including a motorcycle crash.

The Basis for Liability in a Motorcycle Accident

Though you can always seek compensation from someone who intentionally harms you, as a practical matter most personal injury claims, including most motorcycle accident lawsuits, are based on the legal concept of negligence. Negligence is essentially a failure to act reasonably under the circumstances. Negligence is a centuries-old legal principle that holds that all people in society, in all their actions, must employ the standard of care that a reasonable person would. That applies to people operating a motor vehicle.

When Can You Recover Monetary Compensation from Someone with Whom There Was No Impact?

If a person’s actions were unreasonable and if those actions caused or contributed to an accident where you suffered losses, you can seek damages from that person. There are a number of situations where a person’s carelessness may cause a motorcycle accident without any impact with your bike:

  • A person serves alcohol to someone, who, in an inebriated state, causes you injury in a motorcycle accident
  • A person fails to secure materials or debris on a truck or other motor vehicle, and they fall off into your pathway, causing an accident
  • A municipality or municipal worker fails to properly maintain the roadway, leading to potholes, excessive gravel or water, broken or missing signs
  • Another motorist disobeys traffic laws, veering into your path or coming too close to your bike, causing you to take evasive action and lose control
  • A person fails to use reasonable care to design or manufacture vehicle components, either on your vehicle or some other vehicle,

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