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Motorcycle Safety in New Jersey Winters

Staying Safe While Staying on Your Bike in Snowy and Icy Weather

Motorcycle Safety in New Jersey WintersIt takes a hardy soul to travel by motorcycle in New Jersey in the winter. But that comes natural for most people who love to ride a motorcycle. You’re not about to let a cold wind keep you off the roads. You do, however, want to take some extra precautions to minimize the risk of injury when motoring on snow and/or ice.

  • Winterize your bike—Just a few minor modifications can greatly improve your safety. Make certain you have a good-sized windscreen, something that will keep the snow out of your eyes. Good hand guards can also keep the polar winds off your hands. The hoses on your bike can take a beating in cold weather, so check them before you head out. Always check your tires—the rubber can get really hard in cold temps, providing less traction. In addition, the cold weather will lead to a loss of tire pressure.
  • Wear the proper gear—Remember the rhyme—ears, nose, fingers, and toes. Those are the body parts most susceptible to cold (and potentially to frostbite). Make certain you have good gloves and boots, and that your helmet protects your nose and ears. Layering is the best way to stay warm, and make certain your gear is waterproof.
  • Give yourself more room—You’ll typically need more distance to come to a complete stop. In addition, when you’re turning a corner, don’t take it as tightly as you would at other times of the year.
  • Pay closer attention—Some of the hazards in the winter can be virtually invisible—take black ice, for example. It’s commonly caused when the exhaust from other vehicles freezes upon contact with cold pavement. It’s microscopically thin, but can take you down in an instant.
  • Stay home if conditions warrant—There are times when even the most intrepid soul should stay home. Heavy snow or freezing rain/sleet will almost always be dangerous when you’re on a motorcycle.

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