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Happy New Year 2020

Happy New Year 2020

To a joyful present and a well-remembered past. Best wishes for happy holidays and a magnificent new year.

Happy Thanksgiving 2019

Happy Thanksgiving 2019

“Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.” – William Arthur Ward

Happy Veterans Day 2019

Happy Veterans Day 2019

“The willingness of America’s veterans to sacrifice for our country has earned them our lasting gratitude.” — Jeff Miller

Happy 4th of July 2019

Happy 4th of July 2019

Happy Holidays from The Law Office of David J. Karbasian

The Law Office of David J KarbasianWhether you celebrate this season with favorite memories, honored traditions, or cherished family and friends, we want you to know that we are grateful for the trust that you have placed in us, and we wish you a joyful holiday and a healthy, prosperous new year.

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving 2018

At this time of year, we stop to give thanks: for our friends and families, for meaningful work, and for valued clients like you. We are truly grateful that you choose to work with us and we are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.

We wish you all the blessings of a peaceful holiday with those you love. Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! 2018

What to Expect When Buying a New Motorcycle

Knowing How to Calculate the Real Cost of a Bike


If you’ve been bitten by the bug—the bug to get on a motorcycle, to feel the wind your face, to experience the exhilaration and freedom of the open road—you’ve probably been looking at purchasing your own ride. Before you do, though, it’s important to understand everything that factors into the true cost of owning and operating a bike. It shouldn’t stop you, but will help you be better prepared and make better decisions.

Here’s a list of the many factors that contribute to the actual cost of a motorcycle:

  • The purchase price—Whether you are paying cash or financing your bike, your starting point should be the full purchase price
  • Interest payments—If you are financing the bike, you’ll have to pay the lender for the use of his or her money. In the first few months or years of the loan, a significant portion of your monthly payment will be in interest payments.
  • The costs of a permit and/or license—In New Jersey, you must have either a state motorcycle driver license or a motorcycle endorsement on an existing license, unless you drive certain three-wheeled bikes or operate a low-speed motorcycle. You may also be required to pay for and take motorcycle safety courses.
  • Taxes and other fees—If you purchase from a dealer, you will pay taxes directly to the dealer and may also incur other fees. With a purchase from a private individual, the seller may be required to pay taxes and may include them in the purchase price.
  • Vehicle insurance—New Jersey requires that you carry a policy of insurance to operate a motorcycle.
  • Repairs and maintenance—If you plan to use your bike on a regular basis, you should also plan for routine maintenance expenses, such as oil changes, new tires and other items.
  • Fuel expenses—Motorcycles get much better gas mileage than automobiles, but they still need fuel to run.
  • Protective riding gear—This will be one of your most significant expenses apart from the bike—and well worth it. Expect to pay a couple thousand dollars for a good helmet, boots, gloves and riding clothes.

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Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day

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