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Tips for Having a Safe 2020 Riding Season

Hazards to Avoid for Motorcyclists in New Jersey

Tips for Having a Safe 2020 Riding SeasonWinter is winding down and if you live in New Jersey and ride a motorcycle, chances are pretty good it’s been stored inside for the past few months. Sure, you can ride in the winter, but spring, summer and fall are the ideal times to be on the road.

As you get back in to the swing of things, there are a number of things to pay attention to, so that you minimize the risk of injury:

  • Be prepared for potentially rough roads—In places like New Jersey, where the weather can often fluctuate above and below freezing during the winter, the roads can deteriorate significantly during the winter. Snow and ice melt, fill the cracks in the pavement and then freeze again, expanding and breaking apart the road. Be prepared for lots of potholes, as well as the potential for loose gravel, asphalt or pavement. In addition, the salt and sand often used to make roads safer in the winter can leave residue that makes the roads more hazardous in the spring.
  • Watch out for debris on the roads—There’s less effort made to keep roads cleared of bottles, cans and other debris in the winter. In many instances, it’s scraped up by snow plows and left along the side of the road. Watch out for trash and other items on and along the roads.
  • Watch out for other drivers—Other motorists have not seen motorcycles on the roads for a few months. They’ll need to readjust to your presence. Always ride defensively. I always anticipate when I ride that motorists will turn in front of me, pull out in front of me and change lanes without looking.
  • Get in physical shape—Of course, you’ll be a bit rusty, too, and may be a bit out of shape physically. Check your weight before you get back on the bike…might be time to lose a few pounds. Do some stretching, focusing on arms, back and legs. Get out and walk around the neighborhood. Take your bike to a vacant parking lot and reacquaint yourself with the operation of your bike, including gears, throttle, brakes and turning radius.

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