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Roadway Defects That Pose Risks to Motorcyclists

Road Hazards to Watch Out For in New Jersey

Roadway Defects That Pose Risks to MotorcyclistsOne of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents, particularly those involving a single bike, is a roadway defect—some irregularity or dangerous condition that causes the biker to lose control. In New Jersey, you can sue a government entity for negligence in roadway design or road maintenance, including issues relating to obstructed views or construction detours. The process of suing the government is somewhat different than bringing a civil suit against a privateindividual. As a general rule, to bring an action against a governmental body in New Jersey, you must file a notice of your claim within 90 days of the injury. There also are unique rules addressing how parties to the legal action are to be notified. If you don’t follow the rules, you canlose your right to compensation.

Here are some of the most common roadway hazards that pose accident risks to bikers in New Jersey:

  • Uneven roads—Frequently, with resurfacing or other roadway work, one lane may be at a significantly different height than the other. That difference can create a dangerous situation, even if a motorcyclist is aware of it. This problem also can arise where two sections of a road or bridge are joined with an expansion joint.
  • Potholes—Deteriorating roads can cause fairly significant bumps, which can easily cause a biker to lose control.
  • Loose gravel—Gravel of any size can be a hazard for motorcycle riders. Gravel can migrate onto roads from construction projects or the shoulder of the road.
  • Rough roads—Poorly maintained roads, where dirt or gravel are allowed to accumulate, or water or ice are present, make conditions extremely difficult for bikers.

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