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Riding a Motorcycle in Winter Weather

Tips for Maximizing Your Safety in New Jersey

Riding a Motorcycle in Winter WeatherYou love the feeling of freedom that comes from getting on your bike, with the wind in your face. When winter comes to New Jersey, with the potential for snow and ice on the roads, you still want to ride. How can you enjoy the thrill of the open road, even in the winter, while staying safe? Here are some tips for avoiding needless injury on your motorcycle this winter:

  • Make certain you’ve winterized your bike—Check the tread on your tires, as well as your brakes, and replace your antifreeze (if necessary). Always clean your helmet and windshield before you hit the road.
  • Know what’s out there—Pay attention to the weather and to weather reports. Know if there’s been a thaw and a freeze, with the potential for black ice or accumulations of snow.
  • Take your time—This applies to every motorist, not just bikers. Everyone needs a little more time to stop in the winter. Every driver needs to take those turns with a bit more caution, in order to avoid spinouts.
  • Always check your tires before you ride—Cold temperatures will lower the pressure in your tires. Don’t risk a blowout.
  • Remember that you’ll have less traction until your tires warm up—The colder your tires are, the harder the rubber will be. The harder the rubber, the less traction you’ll have. As you ride, you’ll generate heat and increase traction, but even a short stop can reduce the traction from your tires.
  • Have the right gear—You’ll be safer when you’re comfortable. Make certain you protect your ears, nose, fingers and toes—those are the parts of your body most susceptible to cold or frostbite.
  • Limit your distractions—This is true at all times, but even more important in inclement weather

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