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New Technology Being Applied to Motorcycle Helmets

MIPS-Equipped Helmets Reduce Impact of Head Trauma

Motorcycle HelmetsSafety officials have long known that head injuries are the leading cause of death and injury in motorcycle accidents. Statistics also show that most head injuries occur when a biker hits his or her head against the ground at an angle.

A number of motorcycle helmet manufacturers are developing new products that integrate multi-directional impact protection system (MIPS) safety technology to minimize the consequences of angled-impact trauma. MIPS replicates the action of the brain’s cerebrospinal fluid, the body’s natural defense response to an angled impact on the skull. With MIPS, wafer-thin material causes your helmet to slide relative to your head. Studies show that such movement minimizes the severity of the impact.

MIPS technology was first developed about 15 years ago and used extensively by jockeys and horseback-riding enthusiasts. About ten years ago, the technology started to appear in bicycle helmets. It comes as an insert installed between the EPS liner and interior padding of the helmet.

The developers of MIPS say helmet manufacturers were initially resistant to the technology, fearing bikers would not see a significant benefit for the additional cost. But motorcycle airbag vests and jackets received a similar response, initially being dismissed by riders who did not believe they were effective. It’s anticipated that, just as airbag safety equipment has garnered wide support and acceptance, MIPS technology will become commonplace.

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