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Common Accidents in the Fall

Dangers to Watch for When the Leaves Start to Turn Color

Common Accidents in the FallIt’s October—officially fall—when the temperature starts to drop and the world comes ablaze in color. Some of the unique attributes of autumn can lead to an increase in certain types of accidents.

Slips and Falls

As the trees start to shed, fallen leaves can pose a serious risk of injury, accumulating on sidewalks, steps, ramps, and other public thoroughfares. Often, they’ll accumulate for days or weeks, getting wet and slippery with every rain. A pile of leaves on a driveway or sidewalk can mask a potentially dangerous situation. If possible, when you’re walking in fall weather, avoid uneven piles of leaves. If you need to climb stairs that are covered with leaves, take the time to clear a clean path first.

The lower temperatures at night can also leave dew on steps or stairs in the early morning, making ascending or descending treacherous.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

The days can still be pretty warm, with the nights cooling off significantly. Those conditions are ideal for fog, particularly at dawn or dusk. If you have to drive in foggy or misty weather, make certain you turn your headlights on so others can see you better. Lower your speed and take time to look both ways at any intersection.

Unfortunately, the natural beauty that comes with the changing colors in the fall can also be a distraction, causing drivers to take their eyes off the road.

Furthermore, many forest creatures are more active in the fall, which is not only hunting season but also mating season. Studies show increased movement among deer populations between October and the end of December and, consequently, more deer-car accidents.

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